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The Boy with the Fan Club

Bertie came to us as a stray, but he had a group of kind admirers who had been feeding him - unbeknownst to each other. Unlike many strays, this handsome lad was desperate for a home of his own and would make friends with neighbourhood cats in the hope of ingratiating himself with their owners.

He was a little cautious of us in the pen at first, but he soon decided it was a comfy refuge and he quickly began to enjoy laps and cuddles. He seems to like listening to the radio, but is still a bit puzzled by cat toys. He’s a gentle soul with striking colouring, predominantly white with patches of tabby, which gives him an almost oriental look.

At only three years old, he is now looking forward to a long and happy life as a very loving companion. Could you offer him a home? He would quickly become a devoted friend who was truly appreciative of being given the chance of a safe place and lots of attention.