Notes from the Cat Pen 9

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Two crazy kittens

From one sedate and sensible old lady to two crazy kids. What a contrast! Our gentle, elderly Maisie found a home where we’ve heard she is keeping a younger moggy in his place. But within hours we had taken two 6 month old kittens into our pen – they were immediately climbing on our shoulders, demolishing cat toys, racing around and enjoying regular tussles with each other.

They are brother and sister but had not been neutered so, as cats can become sexually active at about 6 months, we took Gizmo down to the vets the very next morning to be castrated. After a few weeks the vet confirmed that Lily was not pregnant, so we had caught the situation just in time. As they spent so much time playing together, grooming each other or curled up asleep and entwined that they seemed inseparable. Fortunately a new owner spotted them on the website, came to meet them, fell in love with them and they went to a countryside home together.