Notes from the Cat Pen 18

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What's in a Name?

Elegant and affectionate Fudge came to us from a busy household with children and another cat. Although this confident ginger tom was unfazed by his environment, his owner was having to move house and could not take both cats with her.

At about a year old, Fudge was quite adaptable and soon settled into the pen and our routine. He quickly started to enjoy laps and cuddles, and learnt to love his wand toy. Although he was generally very healthy, he’d developed an allergy skin condition which was successfully treated with anti-inflammatories.

Once on the website, he was noticed by a couple who had recently lost one of their two cats. They felt Fudge would be a fitting companion for their remaining cat, who was pining for her missing soulmate. And his new owner confided that his own nickname at school had been Fudge – so it really was a case of this cat having his name on it!