Notes from the Cat Pen 15

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The Devoted Dad

We were asked to take in four kittens that had been born in a garage, but the lady who’d been caring for them said the mother cat would be distraught without her brood. So mother came too – at least that’s what we thought, until it became apparent that this caring parent was a male. Even so, he took his role of Dad very seriously and was devoted to the brood.

As you can see from the photo, they were initially quite frightened by their new environment. After a few weeks of quiet conversation and gentle stroking, they did get more relaxed, but we felt socialisation would progress more quickly if they were split up. After all, they wouldn’t all go to the same adopters.

We agreed with the CP Axhayes Homing Centre, near Exeter, that some of them should be transferred and arranged their initial treatments in readiness. Getting five to the vet in one go would have been a challenge, so Dad and the two females were neutered first, vet checked and given their first flu vaccinations. Then we could focus on the two remaining male kittens who'd be more likely to respond to us humans in the absence of the rest of their own feline tribe.