Notes from the Cat Pen 14

A Volunteer Fosterer’s Blog


The Girls

A mother tabby called Summer came to us with her two daughters, Charlotte (18 months old) and Lauren (about 5 months). As the two youngsters were not full grown, and even Summer herself was quite petite, we felt it was best to keep them all together and hope it wasn’t too much of a squeeze.

None of them had been neutered, but fortunately none of them was pregnant, so they were been spayed and we began the routine of flu jabs and flea treatments.

Although they look fairly similar, they all had very different personalities. Lauren was the typical kitten – leaping around, loving to play and purring much too loudly for her tiny size. Summer was keener on a quiet life, but enjoyed being stroked and a lap – when she was not pushed off by the other two. Charlotte was midway between boisterous Lauren and sedate Summer. Having got to know them, we felt that they need not be rehomed together but could enjoy their own space and their owner’s undivided attention. Lauren attracted many would-be adopters and was soon rehomed on her own where she could be the focus for her new owners. Summer and Charlotte also quickly found a home - together but where they would still have plenty of room to do their own thing.