Notes from the Cat Pen 13

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In from the Cold

“Monty’s seen a bit of the world,” that’s what the vet said. This handsome ginger tom had been fending for himself for some months but then found a kind lady who fed him regularly until we had space to take him into our pen.

As a result of his time in the wild, he collected a few tears in his ears, some broken teeth and unfortunately became FIV Positive. This means he’ll need to be an indoor cat, as his weakened immune system will make him too vulnerable to be out exploring.

Fortunately he was an amiable chap who quickly adapted back to being a companion and enjoyed the comforts of his own warm space, plenty of stroking and our daily friendly chats – so being cossetted by the fireside seemed unlikely to be much of a hardship for him.

But much to our surprise, just as we were about to start the process of finding him that new home, his original owner spotted his details on our website, was reunited with him, and is now keeping him safe indoors.