Notes from the Cat Pen 12

A Volunteer Fosterer's Blog

Two Stray Cats

Two strays recently came into our pen in quick succession - and how different they were. Tinker had been described as “A bedraggled female, possibly pregnant,” but turned out to be a well-groomed, neutered male. A very friendly boy, he’d obviously trotted off with a passing admirer and installed himself in their flat. He wasn’t microchipped so we posted his photo on our Facebook page, as well as social media sites, we also phoned local vet, put him on our website and contacted Animal Search and Pets Located. Within a few days we had a call from someone who believed they knew of him. The cat grapevine got to work and the owner was soon round to check on Tinker and delighted to find that it was indeed their missing pet. They stressed that they’d get him chipped straightaway in case he went wandering again.

The next day, we took in Dennis, a beautiful fluffy, grey neutered tom – again not chipped. We’d been told he was terrorising the neighbourhood cats (Dennis the Menace) but once safe in the pen he seemed more frightened than threatening. He disappeared into the cardboard box hidey hole in the corner of the pen, but the next morning he had ventured out although still hiding under a chair. We anticipate a week or two of building his confidence before we can get busy on the cat grapevine again. But he is so pretty and potentially a real softy (Dennis the Sweetie).