Notes from the Cat Pen 11

A Volunteer Fosterer’s Blog

Charlie the Lion

Charlie had been the companion of a housebound lady, so he was used to a constant supply of conversation and cuddles. When his owner became ill and moved in with a relative, Charlie was being fed by a neighbour and finding life a bit lonely.

So during his first few days in our cat pen he seemed a bit needy, but he soon settled down once he knew there was plenty of company available and was keen to snooze on any lap that was offered. The vet confirmed that he seemed fine and started his course of flu jabs. We’d been concerned about black specks on his gums but this was apparently harmless and just a cosmetic thing that affected some ginger cats. However, he did only have six teeth left so he soon got the nickname “Mr Gummy”.

We also noted that he seemed to be drinking a lot and (of course) urinating a fair bit too. So we took a urine sample (not as tricky as it sounds!) and started giving him antibiotics in case it was a urinary tract infection. A blood test followed and sadly he was diagnosed with kidney problems and would need a special renal diet. Although he would not make old bones, we hoped that some compassionate soul would give him a loving home for his twilight time. We asked Cats Protection's Branch Support Unit to circulate our neighbouring Branches and were amazed at the response. Soon we had a waiting list for Charlie and he was quickly rehomed with a kind lady who'd had experience of cats with kidney problems.