Notes form the Cat Pen 17

A Volunteer Fosterer's Blog

Special Sisters

Most of the cats that come to our pen are just moggies, but Patches and Tiny had an ancestry that mixed Burmese with Ragdoll. They arrived with their father and two brothers, but as our pen could not accommodate them all, the boys were transferred to another fosterer.

Although both girls were very healthy, Tiny had been the runt of the litter and remained very small. She looked like a delightful kitten and certainly loved to play, enjoying sessions with a wand toy, chasing around while her 'big' sister looked on. But Tiny remained a bit fearful and dependent on the support of Patches, so their previous owner had asked us to try and find a home for them together.

Fortunately they were spotted on our website by a cat-lover in Wiltshire, who drove down to meet them and felt they were just right. So after a brief stay with us, they went off to their new home together.