Notes form the Cat Pen 16

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The Ultimate Lap Cat

Smudge came to us from a multi-cat household that also had two dogs and a couple of lively young children. All the other pets were thriving but Smudge was getting increasingly stressed and withdrawn, eating little and spending much of his time hiding behind the sofa.

Once in the quiet of our pen he soon relaxed and started to appreciate the tranquillity. He remained a bit timid and was frightened of some of the toys we tried to introduce him to. But he loved a lap and every time we visited the pen, he’d be ready to snuggle up, and then start grooming his coat and purring.

A handsome fellow with striking pale green eyes, he was just right for a home where he felt safe and cossetted. Soon he was adopted by a retired couple who could provide him with a peaceful lap on a very regular basis.